Average Salary for Electrical Engineers According To Report

An electrical engineer is a specialized field relating to the study and use of electricity, electronics and electromagnetics. The field of electrical engineering has a higher risk of injury on the job due to the work being done with electrical currents. Therefore, the average salary for electrical engineer tends to be higher than the average civil engineer.

What is The Average Salary For an Electrical Engineer

In May 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual salary for an electrical engineer is $87, 920. The average hourly wage is $42.27. These figures are the national average and the actual salary would vary slightly depending upon your geographical location as some states have fewer electrical engineering jobs and therefore the pay is more. States that tend to have a larger number of electrical engineering jobs will have a slightly lower median salary.

Once in their chosen field and the engineer gains the necessary experience, electrical engineers make per year around $136,690, with the hourly wage being $65.72. This is not the average income for an electrical engineer. This figure is in conjunction with the amount of schooling and continuing education that the engineer has completed as well as the number of certifications and years’ experience that they hold.

So when asking the question how much does an electrical engineer earn, you must understand that the national median of $87,920 per year is only an average. A level one electrical engineer, meaning an engineer just out of college without much on the job experience would average $62,930 per year. A level two engineer would average $74,366 per year. As an engineer gains work experience, successful projects and more certifications, the salary per year will increase.

What is the average salary for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineer Salary Vs. Civil Engineer Salary

How does the average salary for electrical engineers compare to the average salary for a civil engineer? The average starting salary for a civil engineer is $57,600, while the average starting salary for an electrical engineer is $62,930.

An electrical engineer will have the ability to work within both private and public sectors. Many will work as contractors or consultants for large companies who have been hired to complete a project for a municipality. There are several certifying organizations that offer certifications for electrical engineers including ETA International, American Society for Quality and Association of Energy Engineers. So the education of an engineer does not stop with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. Throughout their career, engineers will continue to learn and apply for certifications to keep them abreast of the changes within their field. Every year there are new guidelines for them to learn and put into practice. It is only those engineers who continue their educations who reach the top end of the pay scale. Those who show that they are willing to go the extra step and obtain current certifications and work steadily within their field will achieve much more than the average salary for an electrical engineer. They will be the ones who will have the ability to earn the $136,690 per year instead of the median salary of $62,930.